Over 50 years of history and experience in the field of communications allows us to proudly state that we KNOW enterprise communications. Our employees are dedicated and are always ready to go that extra mile for our customers! And when it comes to problem solving, our "out of the box" thinking enables us to provide rapid response times to attain our goal of total customer satisfaction.


The Aeonix UC&C platform, supports standard protocols such as SIP (unmodified), CSTA, and Web Services. This non-proprietary architecture allows customers to seamlessly integrate a variety of common applications and to add desired devices to the system (Bring Your Own Device). This hardware independent platform is modular, enabling customers to buy only what they need when they need it. Its fast and easy deployment, high availability (active/active) and optimal utilization of resources make the Aeonix one of the most cost effective systems on the market today.


Tadiran Telecom's award-winning products and best-in-class solutions cover the full spectrum of communication requirements. Tadiran solutions feature a comprehensive family of products including UC platforms, IP PBXs, soft switches, contact centers, Dispatch Console, IP phones and mobility and desktop solutions. Tadiran Telecom aims to ensure smooth integration with third-party systems and endpoints as well as legacy systems, while emphasizing flexibility, reliability and high security. Research and development is at the core of Tadiran Telecom operations. By ensuring rapid product development, Tadiran Telecom meets changing market demands as they arise, while partnering with leading telecom companies for reduced time to market and broad market access.


Tadiran's 'Bring Your Own Cloud' approach empowers businesses of any size to select a cloud provider of their own choosing for their Aeonix UC&C installation. Amazon Web Services (AWS) was selected to be the first Cloud Service Provider (CSP) to run Aeonix. While many communications solutions are restricted to the provider's own cloud infrastructure or cannot be deployed on the cloud at all, Tadiran's 'Bring Your Own Cloud' approach offers the flexibility of choosing the most suitable cloud provider for your company.


Tadiran Telecom provides communications solutions to businesses of all sizes in 41 countries worldwide. Tadiran has regional offices in the USA, China, India, Russia and Israel with R&D Centers in China and Israel. These provide exceptional support to our Global Business Partners. So wherever you are and whatever your communications requirements are, Tadiran has the right solution and support for you.